Quinoa for Weight Loss

If there is a race for the world’s most nourishing food, then you will find Quinoa in the top place. In the past few years, Quinoa is getting popular for its nutritional value. With the popularity of Paleo diet in the lifestyle which encourages including the gluten-free items in the dies, no one can miss Quinoa here. The beauty of this grain lies in its content for nutrition, especially protein. It is among those plant foods which contain all the nine essential amino acids which are really very hard to find in one food item. It is rich in Magnesium, fibre, Calcium, Potassium, Iron, Vitamin B and E, antioxidants and Phosphorus.

Quinoa and Weight Loss :

Nevertheless, there are many pieces of research going on weight loss. There have been studies on Quinoa too in relation to the weight loss. The study published in the year in the Journal of Food Science and Technology stated the effects of this nutritional grain on the appetite of laboratory rats. They found that the rats that ate the Quinoa have eaten less food in comparison to those laboratory rats that were not given Quinoa.

Researchers also suggest that the presence of 20-hydroxyecdysone in Quinoa might be the responsible compound for controlling the weight. Other studies have also shown that when mice have given Quinoa, then they have burned more numbers of calories than the regular mice in a day. They have absorbed less fat in the day from their regular diets. Thus, one can say that consuming Quinoa can be helpful in reducing the weight as it controls the hunger and limit the absorption of fat in the body which is responsible for weight gain.

How to consume Quinoa :

It is a valid option for weight loss and enhancing the taste of Quinoa to add lots of vegetable in it to fill your hunger without adding any number of calories in your diet. You can eat cooked Quinoa with the processed raw cauliflower. In fact, making the delicious salad of Quinoa with onions, eggplant, bell peppers, mushrooms and roasted zucchini is an excellent option to serve your taste buds and have the benefit of weight control.