Benefits of Quinoa for children

Parents are worried about the health of their children as most of the children love unhealthy junk food only. In spite of knowing all the effects of eating junk food, still, they want to have those only. It is increasing the problem of obesity in then along with the deficiency of essential minerals and vitamins. Ultimately, this condition is worsened by the low immunity which is the result of eating junk food.

So, if you want to keep your child healthy then switching to Quinoa is a good option for you. The health benefits of Quinoa grain are including the excellent source of minerals and vitamins, high protein content, high fibre and presence of anti-oxidants.

Health Benefits for children

The parents should wait until 8 months in the case of newborn babies as it might cause some allergic reactions. As they reach the age of eight months, the parents should start including Quinoa in the recipes of baby food. This will keep them healthy from the starting of their age. This one is the great nutritious as food for the babies and exposing the babies to such food grains will aid in oral development

The richness of minerals and vitamins in this grain helps in the growth of babies and kids. They just boost the mental development along with the physical development. In fact, it stimulates the motor function’s development in the children. Quinoa has the Histidine which is an essential amino acid during the development in the childhood.

The presence of unsaturated fats such as omega 3 and omega 6 makes the brain development in a proper manner. So, they are not just adding taste to your meal, but they are also offering health benefits to you.

The low glycemic index of Quinoa helps in sustaining in the body for the long time when the children eat them. It is the rich source of Iron too which in turn helps in producing the haemoglobin. The presence of fibre makes this grain laxative that keeps the digestive system of children healthy. It prevents the children from the problems of constipation and bloating.

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