About us

Godsfood quinoa is founded by people from premium colleges & food scientists. The founder family has carved a niche for itself in the food industry since 40 years. Headquartered in Hyderabad,Telanagana & run by experienced professional & food technologists. Our quest is to make quinoa main stream food.

What is Quinoa

  Quinoa is a superfood that has far larger quantities of protein,calcuim,magnesium,potassium,iron,zinc and vitamins A and E,than wheat,maize,barley,rice and oats
  A boon for vegetarians who can get complete protein by consuming quinoa
  Quinoa has Omega 3 and Omega 6 which beat stress and promote well being.Stress is one of the problems that working professionals are facing nowadays
  With respect to type 2 diabetes Quinoa is a good source of fiber-one of the key macronutrients needed for healthy blood sugar regulation.It also provided outstanding protein quality even in comparison to commonly eaten whole grains.Strong intake of protein and fiber are two dietary essentials for regulation of blood sugar.

4P’s of God’s Food QUINOA


Contemporary infrastructure to ensure quality at every level, right from cultivation to packaging the product line is handled by seasoned professionals. Using the industry best practices of packaging, our team ensures that every single package of our product is adequately and appropriately packed for long shelf lives and safe to consume.


Product range of God’s Food is recommended for every kind of consumer. The fact that some of the global healthcare institutions advocate our products to its patients for dietary requirements, embolden our mission of providing quality QUINOA products to our customers.

Product Line

We understand the food cravings and taste preferences of our customers. Our dedicated R&D team ensures that we bring the best combination of snack food, instant meals and other varieties that can satisfy both the hunger and also the taste needs of our customers


Quality comes at a price. Still surprisingly, we have never compromised on the quality of our products range for price and are still among the pioneers of QUINOA food supplies.

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